Teak Tree Fishing – Chiang Mai

Teak Tree fishery is a very peaceful and secluded privately owned fishery in Chiang Mai, only 20 minutes from Chiang Mai airport.

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Developed from an existing lake in 2006, this mixed fishery prides itself on the experience, solitude and peaceful surroundings. Many species have been stocked including Silver Carp, Siamese Carp, Mrigral, Rohu and Black Minnow Shark, Amazon Red Tail Catfish, Arapaima. The lake is also home to several exotic species like Dorado, Peacock Bass, Goonch and many others.

Two fully air conditioned lake side bungalows offer luxurious accommodation on this fully inclusive resort. Teak Tree does not accept day ticket anglers, and only caters for 4 anglers staying at any one time, so a feel of exclusivity abounds.

The cost of your stay includes 3 meals, breakfast lunch and dinner, with BBQ’s organised on the patio.

Teak Tree is a resort where service is paramount and you get a real family feel, like you are being truly looked after during your fishing in Thailand experience.

Teak Tree Fishing Chiang Mai – PRICING

All prices for fishing in Thailand are quoted in Thai Baht (THB)

This is an all inclusive resort for up to 4 people at a time. Price includes transfers to and from Chiang Mai airport, accommodation, main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner (excluding alcoholic drinks), fishing tackle hire, bait and venue guide.
1 anglerOne days fishing and accommodation.6000 THB
1 anglerThree days all inclusive and fishing17000 THB
1 anglerFive days all inclusive and fishing27000 THB
1 anglerSeven days all inclusive and fishing35000 THB
2 anglersOne days fishing and accommodation.12000 THB
2 anglersThree days all inclusive and fishing34000 THB
2 anglersFive days all inclusive and fishing50000 THB
2 anglersSeven days all inclusive and fishing70000 THB
3 anglersOne days fishing and accommodation.16000 THB
3 anglersThree days all inclusive and fishing46000 THB
3 anglersFive days all inclusive and fishing76000 THB
3 anglersSeven days all inclusive and fishing100000 THB
4 anglersOne days fishing and accommodation.22000 THB
4 anglersThree days all inclusive and fishing60000 THB
4 anglersFive days all inclusive and fishing100000 THB
4 anglersSeven days all inclusive and fishing135000 THB


Please note that all prices include transfers from Bangkok hotel (except Krabi Fishing Resort, Phuket Sea Fishing Tours, Teak Tree Chiang Mai, Greenfields Hau Hin, and Dreamlakes Chiang Mai.

Bait is supplied to what we consider a reasonable days fishing requirement. Additional bait is not included in price but can be purchased from fishery.

Please ask for your personal quotation for tailor made tours to Krabi Fishing Resort, Khao Laem Dam, Cha Am Fishing Park and Mae Klong Stingray Fishing, or combinations of all Fish East Asia venues. We can arrange any combination of the above at your request.

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