Cha Am Fishing

Great resort for the family with Cha-Am beach only 10 minutes away. Its not just for the fishing in Thailand angler!

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Lake 1.

Carp and catfish are the main target in this lake with the Siamese carp running to specimen size. Although not easy to catch they are worth the effort. Siamese carp of 100lb are not uncommon and fish have been caught over 130lb. Another carp species that are present in good numbers are the Catla carp which run to 30lb+. The Catla fight very fast and give you the impression that you have hooked something much bigger. Rohu and java barb will also put in an appearance while fishing for the carp and occasionally suckermouth catfish will give you a surprise.

Also in the lake are some good size Mekong catfish. They run to over 100lb and if you hook one of these be prepared for a long battle. Striped catfish are here in huge numbers. These fish are in the 5-10lb range and sometimes you have to through many of these to get to the carp. They fight very hard and are very popular with the Thai anglers.

Lake 2.

This lake is well stocked with Arapaima and other predators. The Arapaima are very good size and have been caught to 200lb+. They can be regularly seen surfacing around the lake and a good way to catch them is casting dead fish at showing fish. The battle from these prehistoric fish is amazing and they will jump out of the water trying to shake the hook. Our guides are very experienced with handling the arapaima and although big, they are very fragile and will not be removed from the water.

Due to the travel time of about three hours from central Bangkok, this venue is not available on single days.

We can offer this venue on a 2 day trip with accommodation or can include this in your fishing tour.

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